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ACLB ASSOCIATION OF CONNECTICUT LIBRARY BOARDS, An organization for the trustees of public libraries in the state. ACLB sponsors workshops and meetings for trustees. Avon Library Board is a member of this organization.
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act, Federal legislation to protect the rights of citizens with disabilities. Libraries are required to comply with certain provisions of the law.
AFPL Avon Free Public Library


AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION, the national professional association for librarians. The organization includes many divisions and roundtables such as the Public Library Association and the Intellectual Freedom Roundtable.


AUDIOVISUAL, An umbrella term for audio and video recordings.



Bibliomation A network of libraries in Connecticut providing circulation, public access catalogs, and Interlibrary Loan.


COMPACT DISK/READ-ONLY MEMORY or CD-ROM, a storage method in which an optical disk is used to hold enormous amounts of data. The disk can then be "read" by a microcomputer equipped with search software and an optical disk drive. Unlike a microcomputer disk, the microcomputer can only read data from the optical disk; it cannot put any new information on the disk.


CONTINUING EDUCATION,. An umbrella term for workshops and seminars.

CEN CONNECTICUT EDUCATION NETWORK, Internet Service Provider for libraries throughout the State of Connecticut, including Avon Library.
CIPA CHILDREN'S INTERNET PROTECTION ACT. Schools and libraries who receive federal money for Internet access must abide by the CIPA regulations and use filtering software on their internet computers.
CLA CONNECTICUT LIBRARY ASSOCIATION, An association for Connecticut librarians from all types of libraries. Sponsors workshops and an annual conference; provides support for librarians in various areas such as minimum salary guidelines and censorship challenges. CLA's Legislative Agenda each year lobbies for support for library legislation and funding.
CLC CONNECTICUT LIBRARY CONSORTIUM, A statewide membership collaborative serving all types of Connecticut libraries by initiating and facilitating cost effective services to strengthen their ability to serve their users.
CONNECT The old name for LIBRARY CONNECTION, INC., the library network in the Capitol Region of which Avon is a member.
The state-funded delivery program for transporting materials borrowed through Interlibrary Loan and Connecticard.
CONNECTICARD Statewide public library lending program which allows Connecticut residents to use their local public library cards in all the public libraries in the state. Libraries are reimbursed for every item loaned to a nonresident using their library.
DVD DIGITAL VIDEO (OR VERSATILE) DISC, an optical disc similar to a CD-ROM but with much greater capacity, up to 16 gigabytes depending on format. Used to store movies, or any kind of computer data.


E-RATE is a federal program for providing subsidies to schools and Libraries for telecommunication access and service. The funds for the Program is from assessments made to telephone companies.


FRIENDS OF LIBRARIES USA. The national organization for library Friends groups.

FRIENDS FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY. A nationally recognized means of organizing library supporters and volunteers. The Friends of the Avon Library is one of about 80 Friends groups in Connecticut.


Connecticut's search engine administered by the Connecticut State Library and the Department of Higher Education. A collection of online databases for research, plus the reQuest statewide library catalog, which includes books and materials, and magazine holdings of most Connecticut Libraries.
IFC INTELLECTUAL FREEDOM COMMITTEE, of the American Libraries Association. Established December 1, 1967, the Office for Intellectual Freedom is charged with implementing ALA policies concerning the concept of intellectual freedom as embodied in the Library Bill of Rights, the Association’s basic policy on free access to libraries and library materials. The goal of the office is to educate librarians and the general public about the nature and importance of intellectual freedom in libraries.
III INNOVATIVE INTERFACES INC. (or Triple I) is the library software vendor that provides the online catalog and computer system Avon uses and all CONNECT libraries share.


INTERLIBRARY LOAN, the method by which one library borrows materials from another, either within the library system, or from libraries around the state and nation.


INTERNATIONAL STANDARD BOOK NUMBER, This number appears in most published materials, is supposed to be unique to that title and is frequently require when ordering a book.


INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER, The ISP for Avon Library is the Connecticut Education Network (CEN).


INTERNATIONAL STANDARD SERIAL NUMBER is an eight-digit identifier of reference for serial publications/magazines.


LIBRARY OF CONGRESS, The national library for the United States of America

LCI LIBRARY CONNECTION, INC., The online integrated catalog and circulation system serving libraries in the greater Hartford region, including Avon Library.
leap LIBRARY EXCHANGE AIDS PATRONS, LEAP was the first automated circulation and resource sharing consortium on the East coast. The consortium started with 3 public libraries in 1977 and now has a greater number of member libraries. It currently operates a CLSI shared automated library system.
lion LIBRARIES ONLINE, LION is another library automated system in the state.


LIBRARY SERVICES AND TECHNOLOGY ACT, the major source of federal funds for the Winnefox Library System. The Division for Libraries Technology and Community Learning establishes grant categories, evaluates the competitive grant applications, and distributes the funds.


MACHINE READABLE CATALOGING, a standard for computerized cataloging records for automated library systems.


MASTERS DEGREE IN LIBRARY SCIENCE, an advanced degree for librarians.


NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE HUMANITIES. Funded by the Congress, this is the source of funds for programming in the humanities. Most of the funds are allotted to the Wisconsin Humanities Council for distribution in the state.

NELA NEW ENGLAND LIBRARY ASSOCIATION, An association of librarians from all types of libraries in New England. Hosts special interest divisions, workshops, and an annual conference.


NATIONAL LIBRARY WEEK. A week in April that celebrates the contributions of libraries and librarians, and promotes library use and support.

NSI The company contracted by the Avon Library for computer support.


ON-LINE COMPUTER LIBRARY CENTER, an international computerized database that contains the holdings of over 45,000 libraries. It is the database used by OPL and Winnefox to catalog material and to get computer records for the database used by the WALS libraries for the shared catalog. The OCLC database is also used to verify and locate interlibrary loan materials.

OPAC ONLINE PUBLIC ACCESS CATALOG, A computer workstation for use by the public which is connected to a library's circulation system; can be searched by author, title, etc., and shows an item's status (in-library, checked out, etc.)
PAC PUBLIC ACCESS CATALOG, A shortened version of "OPAC," the public catalog, above.




PUBLIC LIBRARY ASSOCIATION, A division of the American Libraries Association which focuses on public libraries.

request The name of the Connecticut statewide library catalog, with holdings of most public and many school and academic libraries. Includes a database of magazines and journals held in those libraries, and is now part of the database.
RFID RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION is a generic term for technologies that use radio waves to automatically identify people or objects. There are several methods of identification, but the most common is to store a serial number that identifies a person or object, and perhaps other information, on a microchip that is attached to an antenna (the chip and the antenna together are called an RFID transponder or an RFID tag). The antenna enables the chip to transmit the identification information to a reader. The reader converts the radio waves reflected back from the RFID tag into digital information that can then be passed on to computers that can make use of it. At some point in the future, Avon Library may use RFID to check out books, rather than the current barcode system.
SLA SPECIAL LIBRARIES ASSOCIATION, A national association of librarians who work in special libraries. There are two chapters in Connecticut: Fairfield County and Connecticut Valley. Sponsors meetings, workshops, and an annual conference.
URL UNIFORM RESOURCE LOCATOR, the standard way to give the address of any resource on the Internet that is part of the World Wide Web.
WAN WIDE AREA NETWORK, any Internet or network that covers an area larger than a single building or campus.
WAP WIRELESS ACCESS POINT, the hub of a wireless network; the central transmitter and receiver, with antennas, attached to a wired network.


YOUNG ADULT, A young adult is in the stage between adolescence and mature adulthood, roughly ages 18 to 25. Most libraries have an area with materials designated specifically for this age group to encourage a love of reading.

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