The last page! Shakespeare’s Secret by Elise Broach

Today’s Last Page Entry
features Children’s Specialist Megan 

(“the last page” is a “new” feature on our blog, featuring all the new cool stuff we have just read)

Q. Good Morning Megan.  Is it true you just finished the last page of some really great book? Please share!

A.  Yes of course!  I just finished the last page of this mysterious book, Shakespeare’s Secret by Elise Broach.

Q.  Shakespear’s Secret!  Is that the one about the necklace?

A. Yes! t
he main character is a girl name Hero.  And her sister is Beatrice.  Which is cool because Hero and Beatrice are both named for characters in Much Ado ’bout nothing (which is fancy for Shakespeare stuff)

Q.  Is the book long?

A.  No.  It’s 234 pages with historical facts in the back.

Q. So, who do you think would like this book?

A.  I would say anyone who likes mysteries and surprises! 

Q. Is it set in Shakespeare’s time?

A. No. It is set in present day.  Hero and her friend Danny are trying to find a 500 year old necklace!

A. Do they find it?

A. I can’t tell you!  You have to read the book.

If you want to read Shakespeare’s Secret – look for it at the Avon Library in the Nutmeg Section.