Here’s a great Read Aloud – Electrical Wizard How Nikola Tesla Lit Upthe World

Electrical Wizard How Nikola Tesla Lit Up the World
by Elizabeth Rusch
Do you have a science kid in your house? A kid who is fascinated by how things work? 
A kid who watches Modern Marvels and MythBusters?  
Well, I do.  And what I loved about this great book by Elizabeth Rusch, is how she tells the story of Nikola Tesla with such passion and such zest, that it begged to be read again and again.  
And not only did we learn about alternating currents, Thomas Edison, and the awesome raw power of Niagara Falls, but we read how one boy’s curiosity over something as simple as a spark of static on his cat’s back – would one day change the world.  
Experience the electrical genius of Nikola Tesla.  
p.s. if you really have a science kid in your house take a trip here:
The Vintage Radio and Communication Museum of Connecticut, I-91 exit 37
Explore the wonderful collections of all things tech and electric!! It’s low-key wonderful.