Around the Library with Dewey! The One Hundreds……….

Learn the J 100s.
(The J stands for Juvenile ~ which means its a book for kids)


Is the line in the middle of the blocks straight? If you said no, then you need to learn more about optical illusions.  Because guess what? It is straight.  If you want to learn more about cool optical illusions like this one, you should check out the 100s.  
Also in the 100s are books about astrology and ghosts.  If you are looking for something to blow your mind or want to know more about the mysterious side of life, then the 100s are for you.

Some of the cool books that we have here at the library from the 100s are Never Eat Soggy Wafflesby Patricia Murphy, I Can Speak Up by Sarah Levete, and Optical Illusionsby Duncan Muir.  Come check some of these books out.