Around the Library with Dewey! The Zero Hundreds

Discover the J 000s.
(don’t worry the J just means its for kids ~ J for juvenile)

Do you want to know more about the Loch Ness Monster? 
How about the man who has the longest fingernails or the woman with the biggest feet in the world?  
Do you love the library so much that you want to know more about how it works?  
Do you want to find out about some of the coolest museums?

Than look no further.  

These things and more you will find in the 000s in the nonfiction section.  
The 000s cover weird stuff like Bigfoot and UFOs, Computers and the Internet, Libraries, museums, newspapers, and it even contains the Guinness Book of World Records.

Some cool books we have at the Avon Library in the J 000s section are Knowledge Encyclopedia by the Smithsonian, That’s Awesome by Time for Kids, and the Guinness World Records.  Come to the children’s room to check them out.