Who is Kal-El?

My name is Kal-El and I am the most powerful being on the planet Earth.
I am an alien who has the powers of flight, superhuman strength, x-ray vision, heat vision, cold breath, super-speed and enhanced hearing!
I am technically from the planet Krypton, but when my birth parents saw our home was dying, they put me into a spaceship and sent me to Earth so I would survive. I was then raised by Jonathan and Martha Kent after my spaceship crash-landed by their home in Smallville, Kansas. They adopted me as their son, and gave me the name, Clark Kent!
My abilities began to slowly show themselves as I grew up in our small town, and eventually my parents revealed my true origins to me! From that day on, I decided to start fighting crime as my alter ego, Superman! I had extraordinary gifts due to my heritage, and I wanted to help innocent people, and stop evil wherever and whenever I could.
When I’m not fighting crime, I am working! After finishing college, I started working at the Daily Planet as a reporter. I write a lot of stories, mostly about Superman saving the day! Through this job, I was able to meet my girlfriend, Lois Lane and my friend, Jimmy Olsen!

Every day, I fly through the streets of Metropolis protecting its citizens in any way I can. I never imagined that after stitching together costume in my backyard that I would one day become the superhero everybody knows as, Superman! 

Come help Superman and the rest of the Justice League this summer, by doing the Save the Superheroes Scavenger Hunt in the Children’s Room at the Avon Free Public Library.