Who is Diana Prince?

My name is Diana Prince, and I am an almighty princess from the island called Themyscira.
I am an Amazon Warrior who has the power of flight and superhuman strength, speed, durability, and life-force. I possess strong backgrounds in hand-to-hand combat, which have helped me gain sharp intuition and acute senses. I also have the useful the ability to speak multiple languages, allowing me to become allies with anyone on the battlefield.
My two favorite weapons are my Lasso of Truth, and my indestructible bracelets but you can often see me wielding a sword or shield while wearing my beloved Boomerang Tiara.
I was born out of magic! My mother wished for me, and the Greek God of the Sky, Zeus brought me to life after my mother shaped me out of clay. I was born on the island of Themyscira and become known was Princess Diana from the day forward.
Themyscira was a secret land filled entirely with powerful female warriors called Amazons.
I was the daughter of their queen, Hippolyta, who constantly led our kind to greatness.
We all lived in safety on the island, away from the male dominated world that we had been cautious of our whole life. I was training to become on the best warrior our kind had ever seen alongside my aunt, Antiope, who wanted to make sure I could protect myself during and invasion from the outside world.
Eventually I met a man by the name of Steve Trevor, who crash landed his plane on our island. After interrogating him with the Lasso of Truth, my people learned of a “World War” going outside the safety of our protected island. He spoke of the countless deaths of women, children, and animals at the hands of people fighting over seemingly nothing.

I felt compelled to help so in secret I left the safety of Themyscria with Steve and fought in the war alongside Steve Trevor and his English compatriots. When I stepped on the battle field, I used my superhuman abilities to protect the innocent and stop pointless violence. From that day forward, I knew I had to stay and continue my job as “Wonder Woman”!

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