Art on a Card contest results

We are excited to announce the winners of our Art on a Card contest!  We had so many great entries, that we have named six winners and four runners up.  Congratulations to all who entered.  The judging panel had a very difficult time narrowing down all the beautiful creative designs to just these 10.

The six winning designs will be turned into library cards available for Avon residents to choose as their library card.  Please note, these cards are NOT available yet!  It will take some time to get them printed and available to use.

We hope to showcase all of the wonderful art submitted in a gallery display at the library later this spring, but below are the winners and runners up.  Stay tuned for more information on when these designs will be available as library cards and when all the art will be on display at the library.


Aishwarya Balaji
Sara Curran
Shadan Gadkarim
Lidia Kapylova
Dagny Tang
Shriya Vinodh


Runners up

Caleb Park
Abhirami Srivel
Shriya Vinodh
Jia Yeum