IGNITE Program (Boys and Girls, grades 5-12): Level Up: How to be a Video Game Developer

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This month’s activity: Talk to a female video game developer!

This program is Wed. September 30th, 4:00-4:30 PM for Boys and Girls, in Grades 5-12.

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What will we be doing this month? We will get to interview a woman video game developer. Love video games? Dream of one day working as a game developer? This is your chance to ask your questions to a woman who creates video games!

Miriam Verberg, executive producer and game developer at Bloom Digital, has been in the gaming industry for years. We’ll get to hear from Miriam about what it’s like working in the gaming industry and what the process of creating a video game is like! Bloom Digital’s latest game is called Later Daters and is currently available on Steam and on the Nintendo Switch.


What is the IGNITE program?

Session for Girls Only, in Grades 7-12: This month from 3:30-4:30 PM. Usually, a technology-focused program to empower teens who identify as girls. We teach a different skill and project each month. Girls then stay to help teach other kids and teens.

Session for boys & girls, grades 5-12: This month from 4:00-4:300 PM. Usually, a technology focused program that teaches you a different skill and project each month.