Technology Class: Windows Computers First Session

The much desired computer classes are making a come-back in the computer lab every third Wednesday of each month!

There will be a 3:30pm and a 5:00pm section on each date in order to accommodate as many folks as possible.

The schedule of classes and their topics will be as follows:
January 17th: Windows computers
February 21st: iPhones, iPads, and iOS
March 20th: Microsoft Word

Don’t see the topic you want to discuss? Don’t worry! We plan to continue these classes with even more topics. But these are easily the most popular so we will start with a soft launch with these and judge needs as we go.

Interested in intermediate or advanced skills and technologies? We also hope to roll out classes for those in the near future once we are settled into a routine with the beginner classes. Please stay tuned!

Don’t feel like the one class is enough? Can’t make that particular class but you’re still in need of help? Jamie will continue to hold 30-minute tech help appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays and is more than happy to cover anything that might have been missed in the class.