March’s Teen Readers Unite: over 20 titles to choose from!

For teens in Grades 7-12.
Time: Tues. March 10th, 5-6 PM in the Teen Room.

THIS month will be unique because you will have about 20+ choices of books.
We have books that are for grades 7-9, books for grades 9-12, and all types of genres: fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, realistic, and romance!

Sign up for the book YOU want to read. You will be the only one to read it. Everyone will get to talk about their book. If you want to hunt and find the perfect title for you, this is YOUR month to sign up!

Sign up starts on Tues. February 4th, at 4 PM and goes on until all books are gone.
Where to go: the 2nd Floor Kid’s Desk. Sign up will continue until all copies are given out.

How does this work: SIGN UP, READ THE BOOK, SHOW UP TO DISCUSS: then you get to keep the copy of the book! IF you don’t show up, then you have to return your copy.