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Teen Summer Library Challenge 2024 has begun!

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Volunteer Information for Teens

Teen volunteer opportunities open seasonally.

Summer 2024 volunteering is open!

The Magazine For Teens That Run on Caffeine

The Quills and Parchment Club was a teen led program from March 2021-March 2022. During the COVID19 pandemic,  Marisa, the then Teen Librarian, worked with a dedicated group of teen editors, led by two Chief Editors, Acadia Verge and Audra Schliewen.  All meetings were held virtually on Zoom, except one. Teens came together to use their creativity to create this digital magazine. A message from our team:

“Thank you all for reading this magazine. We worked so hard to put this together over a year’s length. It took a lot of time and even more caffeine, which is where the magazine’s name originated. We hope you enjoyed the content!”
Here is a link to the magazine, published on 

  • 3D Printing is Back!

    3D printering has returned!

    We are doing things a bit differently than we did it before for patrons. Before, patrons had to take an orientation class on the 3D printer to learn  how to use it on their own.

    This time around, we’re only allowing patrons to submit their files to us and one of our staff members will print it out for them.

    If you are interested in sending in files to be printed, please fill out THIS FORM and we can get that process started!

    If you have any specific questions, please email Victoria at 🙂

  • Online test preparation resources from Avon Library

    Avon Library is excited to announce a new online test preparation resource available with your Avon Library card.  Mometrix e-Library has the largest catalog of any test preparation publisher, now offering over 3,500 products covering over 1,500 different standardized exams.  With your Avon Library card, you can access a curated collection of 50 different online test preparation resources for college admissions and placement, graduate and professional schools, occupational licenses, and career advancement.

    Test prep tips, digital flashcards, and sample exams area available for a variety of standardized tests including the ACT, AP, and SAT college entrance exams, the GRE, LSAT, and MCAT graduate school exams, and various professional exams for careers in fields such as public safety, social work, teaching, and transportation.  Mometrix e-Library also has employment resources including interview and resume tips.  Your Avon Library barcode from your library card is required to login to Mometrix e-Library from outside of Avon Library’s network.

    See all of Avon Library’s online job and career resources by clicking here, or go to the Research tab of our website to browse all of our online databases and learning platforms.



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