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July 2021 HVAC Update

The library’s new geothermal HVAC system is now fully operational, cooling all areas of the building.  While some punch list items must still be addressed, the work inside the library is substantially complete.

With no more daily work in the attic and basement, access to the second floor of the library is no longer by appointment and more seating has been added on both floors.  Library hours are stable at 10-7 Mondays through Thursdays, 10-5 on Fridays, and 10-1 on Saturdays.

Our courtyard and grounds will be restored with additional features and amenities over the coming months, but both are usable now.

Thanks to all for their patience while this project was underway and we look forward to seeing you at the Avon Library!


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Making Your Marketing Dollars Work For You

The Avon/Canton Chamber of Commerce and the Avon Free Public Library are pleased to offer business-oriented presentations free for interested area professionals.

What makes your business unique? If you asked your three closest competitors the same question about their businesses, would they give the same answer? Learn how to stand out from the crowd and market your business for real results.

Topics to be covered include:

  • How to differentiate yourself from the competition
  • How to write ads that work
  • How to cross-promote with other businesses

Stream the presentation here

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Overdue for a Change at Avon Library

Avon Free Public Library is excited to announce that most items in our collection are now fine free.  No overdue fines were assessed over the past year, while the library operated under limited services due to Covid, and the Library Board approved making this change permanent for most of our collections earlier this year.

Fines will still be assessed on certain high demand items, such as iPads, e-book readers, wifi hotspots, museum passes, and our Rapid Read and Quick Flicks collections.  Overdue items borrowed at other libraries may still be assessed fines as well.

Courtesy overdue notices will still be sent to borrowers and materials overdue for more than four weeks will be assumed lost.  Borrowing privileges may be suspended until those overdue items are returned.

We have put the FREE back in Avon Free Public Library, so come in and stock up for summer reading!

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June 2021 HVAC Update

Following over three months of construction, the library’s new HVAC system started to come online this week.  New geothermal wells and heat pumps began pushing cool air through the system just at the peak of the mini-heat wave on Tuesday afternoon.  Most public areas of the library are now air conditioned and work on the project is winding down, so the library’s open hours will be expanding soon.

Over the next weeks, contractors will work on balancing and testing the system, finish installing new thermostats and computerized controls, and address punch list items from the original scope of work as well as additional issues identified during installation.

Outside of the building, the wells and trenches have all been backfilled and topsoil is being spread in anticipation of reseeding the lawn.  The construction fencing will come down soon and work will begin on restoring the courtyard and lawn to a condition that will allow them to be enjoyed by the community.

Thanks to all library users and staff who have been patient with the disruptions this project has caused to library hours and services!

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Learning to read at home: the Sundance Collection

The Avon Free Public Library Children’s Department is happy to announce that our beginning readers “dot books” (orange, pink and purple) also called the Sundance Collection is now available on the Avon Free Public Library website under For Children. It’s the first link on the top! Remember these books? You can now access them digitally!

orange dot, easy to read basket      pink dot, easy    purple dot, hardest

In order to correctly gain access to the Sundance Collection,you will have to go to this link and click the blue registration button. You will be asked to set up your own account with the usual information, but make sure to put in our Sundance registration ID, 01621528 before entering everything else in and clicking continue. If you did everything right, you should be able to login to your account and read this awesome collection of easy reading books. Read on and enjoy!

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The Power of Possitivity: Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities

The Avon/Canton Chamber of Commerce and the Avon Free Public Library are pleased to offer business-oriented presentations free for interested area professionals.

Everyone will always experience good moments and not so good moments in life. After facing a global pandemic for the past year, there has never been a better time to seek ways to incorporate happiness into your plan to grow your business.

A positive attitude reflects to your co-workers, employees, and customers; and choosing to develop and maintain a positive mindset to guide your responses to life’s events is a must for identifying new opportunities and realizing more positive outcomes.

This presentation is designed to give you simple tools and practices for developing, maintaining and sustaining a positive mindset that will benefit you professionally and help you turn obstacles into opportunities.
Topics to be covered include:

  • How do your thoughts influence your success
  • How to counteract the natural tendency toward negative thoughts
  • How to fill your mind with positive input
  • How to stop complaining, assume responsibility and choose your response

Stream the presentation here.

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May 2021 HVAC update

Excellent progress has been made on the Library’s HVAC project.  All new geothermal wells have been drilled and contractors are now working on trenching and horizontal piping to connect those wells to a manifold in the basement.  Work in the basement is substantially completed but work in the attic to connect additional heat pumps continues.  This work will necessitate some disruption of public access to the children’s and teen sections of the library for several more weeks, but do call 860-673-9712 x211 to book a browsing appointment in the children’s and teen collections or to request curbside pickup of children’s or teen books.


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Unearthing History: 2021 Virtual History Series

Unearthing History: The discovery of a 12,500 year old Paleo-Indian site along the Farmington River in Avon. Join us for a virtual series of lectures, sponsored by a grant from Farmington Bank Community Foundation, that will cover the archaeology, geology, and anthropology of life along the Farmington River, including the Brian D. Jones Paleo-Indian discovery in Avon.

This 2021 VIRTUAL HISTORY SERIES  is sponsored by Avon Historical Society, Avon Free Public Library and Avon Senior Center.

Events are free to attend. Webinars will be recorded; links appear at the end of this post and are available on the Avon Library’s YouTube Channel.

Thursday, September 9, 7:00 pm – Connecticut Native American Communities Past and Present. Presented by Dr. Lucianne Lavin, Director of Research and Collections, Institute of American Indian Studies, Washington CT.  She is author of Connecticut’s Indigenous People. What Archaeology, History and Oral Traditions Teach Us About Their Communities and Cultures, Yale University, 2013. She will explain how these indigenous communities were the first environmental stewards, astronomers, mathematicians, zoologists, botanists and geologists.  In reality these “pre-contact” tribes have been, and still are here, for more than 10,000 years. Register here

Thursday, October 7, 2021, 7:00 pm.  Connecticut’s Paleo-Indian Sites. This final webinar will feature Dr. Zachary (Zac) Singer, Research Archeologist, Maryland Historical Trust and Dr. David Leslie, Archeological and Historical Services, Storrs, CT. Dr. Singer will present the excavations at the Templeton Paleo-Indian site in western Connecticut and Dr. Leslie will provide an update on the Brian D. Jones Paleo-Indian site in Avon as they begin their fourth year of analysis of the artifacts found there. Note: this event will run for 90 minutes with Q&A to follow.  October is Connecticut Archaeology Month! Register here

Questions? Email Terri Wilson, President Avon Historical Society,

View the full PDF here

Completed events:

Thursday March 4, 7:00 pm  -Digging into Deep History: Archaeology, Artifacts and Avocation. Presented by Scott Brady, President, Friends of the State Archeologist & Paul Wegner, Assistant Director, Institute for American Indian Studies Museum (IAIS), Washington, CT.  They will provide answers to questions such as what does an archaeologist actually do? How do they find the things they find, and what happens to these objects once they are recovered? They will discuss archaeology, its practice, and how avocational archaeology helps to involve the public while bringing much needed assistance to archaeologists in the field. Scott and Paul will share stories of excavations and important finds that contribute to Connecticut’s deep history. View the recording here

Thursday, April 8, 7:00 pm  – A Rift, not the River, made the Farmington Valley: the Geology of western Connecticut along US RT 44.  Presented by Howard Wright, Renbrook School Science Department Head.  This will be a first ever photographic journey focused on the geology of Route 44 in western CT and adjacent areas.  Understanding the geology of the area will help everyone “read” the local landscape with greater awareness and appreciation of why early people came here. View Part 1 here. View Part 2 here

Thursday, May 6, 7:00 pm – Connecticut Before History: The Deep Story of Human Settlement of the Farmington Valley.  Presented by Dr. Ken Feder, Archaeologist, Central Connecticut State University.  The Farmington Valley was originally settled by human beings more than 10,000 years ago. The Farmington River Archaeological Project, led by Feder, has revealed remains of the villages, hunting encampments, and quarries used by these first settlers. Much in the way the police investigate the scene of a crime, archaeologists locate, recover, and examine evidence that reveals the scene of a life lived in the past. Feder will discuss some of the sites his crews have excavated and share the stories that can be told of the lives of the people who lived, worked, and died in those ancient Farmington Valley communities. View the recording here

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Don’t Be A Zoombie: Virtual Etiquette & Presentation Skills

The Avon/Canton Chamber of Commerce and the Avon Free Public Library are pleased to offer business-oriented presentations free for interested area professionals.

Professionals are connecting online now more than ever; and with this new world comes a unique set of challenges and expectations. This presentation is for anyone currently using Zoom who wants to get their message out there more effectively. We will cover basic points of proper Zoom etiquette, as well as tips and tricks to being your best in the Zoom setting. (Participants must have a basic knowledge of how to use Zoom — No technical platform aspects will be provided)
Topics to be covered include:

  • Making a good first impression
  • Your physical set-up
  • Professional etiquette and personal style
  • Tips for effective virtual communication

Presented by Dana Culligan, Director, National Team Development for Tocara Jewelry

Stream the presentation here

Visit the Avon/Canton Chamber of Commerce’s website.

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April 2021 HVAC Update

Work continues on the new geothermal HVAC system at Avon Library.  Over 2/3 of the 36 new wells have been drilled and some trenching has been completed.  A new manifold is installed in the basement to connect the geothermal wells to heat pumps.

Demolition of 13 old heat pumps, either associated with wells that have failed or that could be turned off due to the locations they serve in the building, has been completed, and prep work is underway to install new heat pumps in the basement and attic of the library.



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