Peace Art comes to Avon

These photos celebrate Peace.  
Inspired by art from various artists, including the famous dove by Pablo Picasso, the children designed their own poster for peace.
Here are some highlights:

The children also participated in the Global Art Project entitled: Let’s All Join Hands.
Each child drew around their hand and cut it out. On their paper hand, they wrote their own wish for global peace, love and friendship.
Artwork was added to further convey their message.

These paper hands will be displayed at the library and then sent away to Arizona to be joined with thousands of other hands from around the world to celebrate peace and diversity.

The paper hands “joined with thousands of other hands, will be a tangible representation of the people around the would who join their energy together to create a peaceful future.”

These paper hands will be inspiration for a future publication,
The Handbook for Peace.
Creative Art series, presented by Mary Fletcher, Summer 2013