The Mad Potter book & Vicente’s Open Studio this weekend!

The Mad Potter : George E. Ohr, eccentric genius

by Jan Greenburg & Sandra Jordan

What I love about this new nonficton title, The Mad Potter, is hearing the extraordinary story of Biloxi born, Geroge E. Ohr.  You see, he wasn’t just a potter.  He was an artist who made potts and pottery and works of art.  His twisted, ruffled, swirled, folded and mashed works of art are gloriously depicted and portrayed in this delicious book. 

Now, I beg you to share this book with your children! Read it to them!  

If you want to see a local artist work his magic, you are in luck.  This weekend, May 3rd & 4th,  Open Studios is being held in Simsbury.  One of the featured artists will be Vicente Garcia. Vicente has a studio in simsbury which will blow you away!

Here is Vicente at work:

Take your children!  Watch Vicente!  He will mesmerize you!