Around the Library with Dewey! The Three Hundreds…………

Delve into the J300s. 
(The J stands for Juvenile ~ which means it’s a book for kids)

Ever wonder about all the soldiers who fight hard to protect our country? 
How about what exactly the president does? 
Want to learn more about different Christmas traditions or how the first Thanksgiving came to be?
If you do, the 300s are for you. 

In the 300s you can explore all different types of topics including different careers, the police, environmental issues, holidays, and fairy tales. 

Our World by Maureen Hunter-Bone and Thea Feldman, Wildfiresfrom the Library of Natural Disasters, The U.S. Navy by Tom Streissguth, Voteby Eileen Christelow, and Peace one Dayby Jeremy Gilley are just a few of the books we have here at the library from the 300s.  

Come visit to read one of these books!