Stress Management for Business Owners and Their Employees – presented by the Avon/Canton Chamber of Commerce

The Avon/Canton Chamber of Commerce and the Avon Free Public Library are pleased to offer business-oriented presentations free for interested area professionals.

Stress is a common occurrence in the workplace — deadlines, endless paperwork, cranky customers/clients, meetings that drag on for hours — all can contribute to making us feel stressed at work.  But the real key is how we respond to and manage these demands as to whether we become overwhelmed or are energized.

In this program we will explore:

  • What Is Stress
  • How Does Stress Become Chronic and Lead To Disease
  • How Can Unmanaged Stress Affect Employees and Business Owners
  • What Can Be Done to Prevent and Treat Chronic Stress In The Workplace and At Home

Presented by Dr. Karen Bender from Whole Health Wellness Center

Stream the presentation by clicking here.

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