IGNITE: Connecticut’s Coastal Crusader, saving the oceans one turtle at a time

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IGNITE = Inspiring Girls IN Technology Exploration What will we be learning about this month? Ever wonder who implements, oversees and enforces the state's coastal management program? Have you ever heard of cold stunning in sea turtles? Meet Katie Perzanowski, an Environmental Analyst with the State of Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP), […]

Virtual Film Discussion Series: The American West

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The American West For more than a century the idea of the American West has captivated the world. Unsettled territories, wide open spaces, the promise of riches and a new […]

Python: Six Week Virtual Course

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Learn Python! There are many programming languages available, but Python is popularly used by statisticians, engineers, and scientists to perform data analytics because Python is easy to learn and understand and has a simple syntax and has a vast collection of libraries for numerical computation and data manipulation.  The course introduces the concepts on Python include error handling, logging, […]