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May Art Exhibit: Pine Grove & Roaring Brook Schools

Gallery Exhibit 281 Country Club Rd, Avon

May Art Exhibit:  Pine Grove & Roaring Brook Schools On display in our Gallery this month is the beautiful work from the young artists of Pine Grove & Roaring Brook […]

First Class Travel on a Budget: Virtual Program with Zachary Burr Abel

Online (Zoom)

Learn to save like a pro while seeing the world! Join us for a virtual conversation with Zachary Burr Abel. With this one-stop guide to fiscal literacy in any traveler's back pocket, the five-star vacation they've been dreaming of is wholly within reach. Known everywhere for his innovative travel hacking tips, Zachary Burr Abel is […]

Titanic and Her Sisters: Presentation by Philip Vitiello (in-person)

Community Room 281 Country Club Road, Avon

Almost everyone knows the tragic story about the RMS Titanic, on her maiden voyage to New York City on the night of April 14, 1912, hitting an iceberg and sinking with the loss of 1,496 passengers and crew. Few people may realize that the Titanic was the second of three ships built of the ‘Olympic […]