Digitization Station

Do you have boxes of old photos and videos? Don’t let them get left behind! The Digitization Station can help preserve, organize, and share your memories.

Located in the computer area on the 1st floor, this computer station has:

  • DVD/VCR player and 8mm film converter to convert old home movies
  • Record/cassette player to convert old audio recordings
  • Flatbed scanner to scan images and slides
  • Floppy disk drive to access old computer files
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements and GIMP to edit images
  • Adobe Premiere Elements to edit video
  • Audacity to edit audio
  • Microsoft Office for documents

Reserve your spot ahead of time at Reference Desk or callĀ 860-673-9712, ext. 4.

The White Room

What is the White Room?

Collaborate, Interact, and Create with the tools you need to bring your project to life

  • For up to 6 people
  • Writeable whiteboard walls and tabletop
  • Interactive projector
  • iPad movie-making equipment
  • Green screen
  • Special effects lighting
  • Microphone

How do I reserve the White Room for my group or project?

How do I use the equipment in the White Room?

  • Instruction videos are on YouTube: