November Middle Grade Book Talk Monday

Who can sign up? Kids in Grades 4, 5, and 6!

What will we do? Each child will have 2-3 minutes to share about 1-2 books they are reading or have recently read.

It can be any type of kid’s book type: realistic, fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, nonfiction, graphic novel book for kids!

When will this happen? Monday November 16th,  4-5 PM

BONUS: Miss Marisa, the Teen Librarian, and Miss Danielle, a Children’s Library Specialist, will book talk their books you can check out from the Avon Library.

This month’s theme for the Avon Librarians? We will be talking books with DRAGONS!!!

How do I sign up? Register with an email address someone regularly checks (no school email addresses, ex. DON’T use: emails) and you will receive an email with a code to join the Google Meet program.